Payment options

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Wellness-Based Leadership Coaching for Women:
Sliding Scale & Packages Offered

Pay by cash, check, or PayPal based on your income

  • An 30 minute introductory session is provided at no-cost to see if it’s a good fit

  • One 90 minute session costs*:

    • $60 for modest income/students/older adults

    • $90 for middle income or high student loan/other debt

    • $120 for those with higher incomes

  • *Regardless of income, negotiate a cost that allows you to invest in the required minimum of four sessions

  • Flexible payment arrangements can be made for motivated clients

  • Cost includes a text message or a phone call in between sessions to check-in, as requested

  • Leaders On the Rise Package: Six months coaching = $1000 and includes

    • Two holistic, high-impact leadership coaching sessions per month

    • Opportunities to attend events and learn about area networking channels

    • Communications and marketing consulting

  • Wellness Comes First Package: Six months of coaching = $1000 and includes

    • Two wellness coaching sessions per month, guaranteed to be life changing within 6 months or less

    • Opportunities to explore the natural wonders of the region by foot, kayak, or snow shoe with me

    • Up to two sessions can be used for hands-on consulting to

      • 1) Experience a better way to shop (for food, your home, or your office)

      • 2) Feng Shui and organize your home or office to create better energy


 “There is no magic bullet. The magic is in ourselves.”