My story

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You're not the only woman asking, "How do I succeed in my career and stay healthy and happy too?"

As a woman who went from being a drop-out to an Adjunct Lecturer and federal policy consultant, from unhealthy and unhappy to a fulfilled and fit global citizen; I am the change I want to be every day - and you can be too.  

I coach women - successfully increasing their confidence, life satisfaction, wellness, and success. To me, success lies not in the size of our paycheck or house, but in being comfortable with who we are and what we have now, balanced with reaching higher for tomorrow. It's not always pretty and it's never "perfect," but true acceptance of ourselves and our magic are surely pieces to the puzzle called happiness.

My training and education includes:

  • Masters in Social Welfare, 11'- specializing in aging, behavior change, policy, and administration; SAMSHA's Eight Dimensions of Wellness; Wellness Recovery Action Planning; Chronic disease self-management; Active Living Every Day (Leader); Bridges Out of Poverty Health Education; Psychology of Happiness; Solution-Focused Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Freedom Center Life Coaching (Key Developer/Project Director); Health Fitness Inc. Health Educator; Mindfulness Life Coaching; and Social Presencing of Theory U at MIT.

Why did I start Kennedy Coaching L.L.C.? I'm paying my gifts forward in honor of my community and my amazing mentors and colleagues I have at University at Albany’s Schools’ of Social Welfare and Public Health, Theory U - MIT, Albany County and New York Department of Health, Schenectady County Community College, and my friends and family who’ve helped me become the woman I am today.     

My approach

I motivate, inspire, and challenge women to change their lives by shedding light on news ways of thinking and seeing our “problems,” revealing limiting beliefs you may have about your potential so that we can clear the path to lasting change.

I blend modern evidence-based approaches such as action planning, together with practices from the ancient wisdom traditions including meditation, along with abundant cultural sensitivity and referrals to health care and other professionals as needed. 

Let's face it, our unhealthy behaviors have served us in some way, so let’s leave the shame and blame game behind! By taking a positive, bite-sized approach, you can and will succeed the way you want to.

My locations

Coaching sessions and groups can be done:

  • Your place of business or within the community

  • Through zoom online video conferencing

  • Over the phone

  • My office

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Picture taken in the Adirondacks High Peaks in 2016 right before I became a 46’er!


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