A Trusted Partner in Change 


Coaching and Counseling: powerful tools for transformation!  

Coaching: As a Holistic Coach I support people ready to change, and: 

  • Realize your vision for living your greatest life through eleven “life dimensions”

  • Create dynamic goals and inspiring plans of action that align with your purpose

  • Follow your passions while advancing your career, business and education

  • Support your ability to heal yourself, increasing freedom, energy and inner peace

  • Explore new sports, outdoor adventures, hobbies, and fun!

Counseling: As a Licensed Master Social Worker I offer holistic counseling services for anyone looking to:

  • Experience a more fulfilling life by learning effective coping skills and tools

  • Manage and prevent conditions like anxiety, diabetes, depression, and more

  • Receive highly intuitive feedback that helps you quickly unlock your ability to change

Groups and Consulting: linking with community!

Group Facilitation: As a Professional Facilitator I develop and deliver high quality, evidence-informed coaching and educational groups upon request

Consultation: As a Senior Consultant I consult with organizations, agencies, and individuals looking to create culturally sensitive, person-centered, and transformative group experiences and programming


In 2015 I helped spearhead a county-wide initiative to coordinate and improve services for women, children, and families in Albany, New York.


Whiteface High Peak 11/11/2017 - My Adirondack High Peak Challenge 46'er Finish!