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Wellness-Based Leadership Coaching


Hi, I'm Madeline.

Nice to meet you.

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Using a holistic approach grounded in mindfulness that addresses the eight dimensions of wellness described below allows me to support my clients to gain clarity and begin taking action today to get the life and career they want for their future



Despite living in a time of abundance for many, people are struggling; to be enough, to have enough, to give enough. We wish for all the things we could do if we just had enough energy, money, inner peace, and good health...

Achieving the kind of health and mind-set that allows us to reach our highest heights takes courage, effort, key information, and support from people we trust. Being a trusted and skilled support in my clients lives and seeing lasting change happen for them is my greatest gift.

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If you are interested in coaching with me or arranging a group or workshop, please send me a message below.

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